Though you haven’t felt it yet, spring is yet to come and you have to begin prepping about what you need to do with your lawn. If you have a concrete plan in advance while you move into the warmer months can greatly help you to deal with your spring lawn maintenance with a breeze. Keep on reading to know great tips about what you can do once the winter finally gets out of your area.  

Do some weeding 

Weeding is inevitable and unstoppable, making it much more difficult to deal with them. However, it is still a must to do so. Utilize a pre-emergent herbicide before you can observe sprouting up weeds. This technique is commonly good to be done during the start of springtime. Such pre-emergent will prevent your seeds from germinating, giving even more of a barrier against weed development.  

However, since there’s a possibility that your lawn can be harmed in several ways with pre-emergent, it would be best to utilize them around trees or shrubs. You can use them to areas where you don’t want the grass to develop at all.  

Moreover, pre-emergents are among the most typical kinds of weed killers since they are quite powerful and can do some harm to your landscaping Chino Hills. To apply this properly, it’s recommended that you call a reputable lawn care company today.  

Add lime 

For you to control your lawn’s pH balance and maintain a low level of acidity, it is imperative to incorporate lime to the lawn. But remember not to overdo it at the same time. Instead, it would be best to put a bit of it over a longer time to help balance the pH better. Guarantee that the lawn expert you hired inspects your soil annually and sends samples to the agriculture extension of your country. If you apply excessive lime on your lawn, it will get high alkalinity.  

Think about aeration 

Commonly, this isn’t done in the springtime. However, once you see particular parts of compaction, then you need to have those specific areas aerated.  

Begin raking 

Even if you still have not set aside your shovels now, go grab your rakes and start working. You can do this task as long as the snow isn’t on the ground. Perhaps the last time you raked your lawn was during the fall before the snow started. Now is the best time to gather all the accumulated debris and leaves you missed before. Also, remember that spring raking is a must in terms of controlling the thatch build-up. Try to check and observe if there are parts of grass blades that are stuck together and clumped due to snow mold. When you did a great job of raking during the autumn season, your raking session during springtime will not be as time-consuming.  

If you need any help in prepping your landscaping Chino Hills for spring tine, we can assist you with that. Contact our lawn experts today.