Naturally, trees have a life cycle and encounter a lot of risks that can jeopardize their stability and health. When they are not eliminated right away, they can eventually become an extreme risk to your family’s safety and your business or home’s value. To determine when you should contact the tree experts for tree removal, check out the following signs you should consider.  

You have a hollow tree trunk 

If you’re still a kid, it can be fascinating to look inside of a hollow tree trunk. As exquisite as it may look, such fantasy can suddenly stop if it impacts your tree’s structural integrity. When you can observe a hollow tree trunk, perhaps now is the time to have your tree removed.   

You have a runt tree 

If your tree doesn’t appear as healthy as its surrounding tree, it can potentially be caused by a lot of factors. When your tree has stopped developing or is showing thin leaf cover or discolored foliage, you should do something about it right away. Perhaps you can still do something to save your tree, however, only the tree experts can help you resolve such issues. Contact them now and have your tree diagnosed.  

You can observe massive dead branches in your tree crown 

If this is the case of your tree, it can give extreme danger to everybody’s safety who is close to your tree. When dead and big branches start to buildup in your tree crown, it will surely fall in not time particularly if you’re living in a windy area. This is a threat that you should never allow to happen. So, it would be best to contact the expert tree specialists and get specialized tree service Simi Valley right away.  

You can see signs of infection 

Similar to all living things, trees are also prone to infections that can extremely compromise their structural integrity and their health. Once you can see that your tree’s wood easily crumbles and is already soft, or when you can observe cracks in the bark or deep splits, your tree can get infected. Other indications of tree infection can be the appearance of fungi and woodpeckers that heavily feed on your tree as they consume the pests that infect your tree.  

Your tree is near another structure 

All of us love our long-standing and massive trees. However, when get a bit closer to another structure, you can get severe concerns. Nothing will destroy your good relationship with your neighbor faster than owning a massive tree branch devastating some parts of their houses or their roof. In this case, not only will you see yourself paying for expensive tree repairs, but you’ll also be required to pay to get your tree professionally removed.  

If you want a secure, safe, and licensed tree removal service, make sure to only contact the best tree company near you. If you do so, you can guarantee that their arborists are licensed, fully bonded, and insured.