If you anyone who has done tree stump removal, all of them will probably tell you that tree stumps are challenging to eliminate most of the time. Usually, a thing that seems to be a small task can be transformed into a long time fiasco. So, if you want to maximize your stump removal situation, you have to plan in advance. Utilize this guide to know which among the stump removal methods will be bet used based on what situation you are in. 


DIY Stump removal  

There is actually a DIY technique that people swear by for almost anything under the sun. If you still have a 1-2 month interval for your stump to rot, then a DIY stump removal project can be for you. This is beneficial since it is cost-effective. As long as you have a shove, a drill, and a chainsaw on hand, all you need to get is a fire started and a chemical rotting agent. 

However, the DIY method has its own share of disadvantages. One of these is the fact that it might take many steps and processes for you to finish that can last for several months. However, if your stump is older and smaller, the faster you can remove it and complete your DIY stump removal project.  

Chemical stump removal  

You cannot find a particular chemical on the market that can eliminate a stump from your property magically, regardless of how they claim their products to be. Sure, such products can possibly hasten decomposition at some point, however, you are still searching for a long time at the end of the day before the stump will ultimately disappear and decomposes form your lawn. Among the exceptions here include the chemicals that consume the wood to make it ready for burning and more porous.  


This is the next step that needs to be dome after a chemically treated stump. Stump burning is among the most popular and traditional ways of removing stumps. But, in reality, this technique is less than ideal because stumps that were buried deep into the ground hardly get sufficient oxygen to expedite a fire that really makes an immense difference in removing the slump from your property. Once the oxygen burn is low, they can make a charcoal material that’s nearly impossible to remove and decompose.  

Hire a reputable tree service company 

Hiring an expert on tree removal Tracy means that you do not need to consume your own energy and time to eliminate stubborn stumps. Moreover, a reputable tree and stump removal service providers are expected to have the skills, knowledge, and the proper tools to eliminate as many stumps you want to be gone. Also, it’s more likely that they can complete the task way faster compared to the DIY technique. Though, prices differ based on how many stumps you want to be removed. But, it is really worth it and stress-free.  

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